Digital advertising: distribution, the true disruptor

But it’s ad exchanges that are playing the most significant part in enabling investments to follow consumption. It makes buying and selling easier. Just as stock exchanges have done equities. 

Digital advertising: Distribution, the true disruptor

 Digital disruption and its shifted media consumption opened the sluice gates on advertising opportunities – and The SpaceStation tee-up for the future

Gustav Goosen, who has been Head of The SpaceStation since 2013, has been appointed as Head: Conversion Science in a newly created division called AI. 

#BizTrends2018: The digital marketing trends marketers need to pay attention to

Everything is a lot more complex and competitive. Here are some trends that I believe marketers should pay attention to in 2018 to help them navigate the beast. 

The SpaceStation and increase eCPM by up to 100% through Exchange Bidding

The SpaceStation, part of, is the sales house for Media24, the largest publisher in South Africa. Driving profitability and revenue are their key business goals.     

The future of media

The SpaceStation hosted its second DigitalSalt conference in Johannesburg.  This year's event did an excellent job of exploring the current influence of digital on businesses, and then also looked at the exciting ways it's expected to shift in future.   


Modern media sales teams positioned for changing environment

 What about media owner sales teams? What’s changed in their world? 

Media agencies under attack! In-house or outsourced buying: SA agencies debate issue [part two]

 Media agencies are under attack! Not just from non-agencies branching out into activities that agencies traditionally do, but now it seems from clients as well.